1 March 2018

Oh heyyyyy! From me and the cute spot you can see on my left cheek.

What better way is there to start the month and to TRY to clear up those winter/generally-really-miserable-weather blues than a new pair of swanky sunglasses? I mean retail therapy in general is great but I'm an avid sunglasses hoarder so... Pretavoir, you are total and utter BABES for bringing these Tiffany & Co sunglasses into my life, thank you. One thing I love about these bad boys is the mirrored lenses. It means I can 1. give people the side eye or 2. check out the hot guy that just walked past me without him even noticing and finally 3. hide my hungover eyes when I need to go to Tesco and buy breakfast (sans make up). I could totally list some more reasons I love mirrored lenses but they're definitely up there. I know, thank me later. 

FYI - If there's one thing I genuinely didn't know, it's that Tiffany did sunglasses? I mean, I could be being totally and utterly naive but hey, you learn something new everyday right? When I think Tiffany my brain autopilots to jewellery so when I jumped on the Pretavoir site to find these, I was pleasantly surprised! 

On another, random and totally un-sunglasses-related, note - I'm sat here in Birmingham New Street train station, in Pret to be precise, and I just wanted to get my notebook out and write. I don't want to write about anything in particular, I'll just see where it takes me... Maybe I'll just end up people watching and not particularly writing a lot, who knows, we'll see. 

It's crazy how I'm sat here so still and *calm* (ish) whilst everyone is rushing around like crazy. I almost feel like I'm in an episode of Bernard's Watch - do you remember that program?! I hope you do because it was defo a childhood favourite of mine! I can see the seconds ticking on the train boards and I guess all that I can think about is the constant pressure of time. Whilst I am SO very grateful that it's Friday, so I can finally relax, I guess I also feel like time slips away from us unbelievably quickly. I'm not saying that in a morbid sense either! Merely stating my opinion here - an opinion I'm sure at least some of you share too. I can't believe were two months in to 2018. Before we know it, it'll be Christmas again *shudders* but, we won't go down that road. 

The thing I absolutely love about people watching, is seeing such a huge range of personal style. What kind of 'Fashion Blogger' would I be without mentioning that. It's crazy how much #inspo you can get from standing (or sitting in my case) back and just watching the world go by for a little while. It's weird and also pretty amazing to think that ALL of these people share this city and are surround by the same shops as me, yet we are all so different! Different in numerous ways, but nonetheless, I think that's a really beautiful thing. Every single one of us are so unique and I think that's something we should cherish a hell of a lot more. I know, I know, it's way easier said than done - I mean, I'm probably one of the worse people to be saying that as my self-love is really not on that level but still.. 


I'm going to stop with my spontaneous ramblings now but I wanted to leave you with this one thing in mind:

You are all amazing.
(Just like my new sunglasses mehehe)

Charlotte x


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