(photography by beth squire - www.bethsquire.com)

topshop leather look trousers
tapestry dr martens

i have a really busy few weeks ahead, so i apologise in advance that posts may be short and sweet! 

these dr martens have to be one of my favourite purchases but, i need to wear them a hell of a lot more. its just really difficult to involve them in an outfit! my topshop trousers were an absolute bargain; £15! (although, the button has now come off so i need to sew on a new one)

thanks to my new followers and enjoy your weekend!

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after coming back from reading festival yesterday, it's safe to say i'm a little worse for wear. i'm really not feeling too well and my sinuses are absolutely killing me. so, with that taken into consideration, i really don't feel like standing infront of a camera at the moment! instead of an outfit post, i thought i'd create a wish list using products from one brand, monki
it's a really simple, bank account friendly brand that i've always had my eye on. there's so many different things they offer, from basic tshirts to detailed accesories. it's all there, so you really should take a look!
for any of you that use polyvore, please feel free to follow me!
let me know in a comment below if you like (or have) any of these products.
i hope you enjoyed my outfit posts last week!

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