as i only started blogging in july, it's difficult to do a really full round-up, but i thought i'd give it a go anyway. i hope you've enjoyed looking at some of my outfits from this year, and i hope you will continue to in 2014! thank you for all your support so far, i really appreciate it :)! as another little thank you, i will be holding my first giveaway in the new year. thank you to beth & laura for taking pictures for me too; please remember to check out their work!

again, happy new year!

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after wanting a new plain watch for a while, i've finally found one i like. do you have a swatch watch?

i also have so many posts i want to share with you; i just haven't had time to sort them all out. after new year i have lots of things planned, both on my blog and in my life. january also marks my birthday month, so i have that to look forward to!

i'm going to london tomorrow to watch the fireworks.
i hope you all have a good new year!

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