so, i know what you're thinking. why are they so dirty?! well, there's two logical explanations to answer that question. first of all, these are second hand and second, i have worn them to death since i got them. rain or shine, they've been firmly attached to my feet and i can't thank adidas enough for making such comfortable shoes. stan is most definitely THE man. 

next, a 'quick' apology and update from myself! i've been away from my blog for two weeks (two weeks too long) and i wanted to explain why. a little while ago i did explain that posts at the current time and until i finish my final year of uni may be less regular or very irregular. i'm not disappearing from the blogging world but i need to take a step back and put my education first to get to where i want to be. getting up at stupid o'clock to be in uni for 7:30 is not only physically draining but also mentally draining too. spending 14 hours a day in university can be tiring and really takes it out of you, so please do bare with me. 

however, although there are some negatives, i've recently received a huuuuuuuge piece of news that i still can't believe. if any of you follow me on instagram you may have seen that this year, i have been chosen as one of approximately 20 people from my university to show my final collection at Graduate Fashion Week in London. If you're not quite sure what that is, then have a cheeky click here and find out what it's all about. I'm supper excited and nervous for the hard work ahead!

once university is over i have a few goals that i want to work towards with my blog. there will be PLENTY more outfit/fashion posts and fingers crossed i may be able to work with some new amazing brands this year. 

i'm really excited for what this year brings, not only for my blog but for my life and career too. please don't go anywhere; stick around :)

Charlotte x
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it's been one of those weeks. everything i've worn, i've thrown on for comfort and this outfit is definitely no different. loose trousers and an oversized shirt are a dream combo, especially with trainers. stan smith you are my absolute dream man, because your trainers are a god send on my feet. super casual but super comfy; you can't beat it. 

do you have any stan smith trainers? or just any trainers that you find reaaaally comfy to wear all day?

Charlotte x
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