as you may have seen in my previous post, i went to london on tuesday for my 20th birthday, to do some serious shopping. as you can see, my trip was pretty successful, only for me to come home and order even more online. i'll do a separate haul post for the things i actually bought. we ate in an amazing steak house, just off oxford street. i really recommend going as their sweet potato fries are amazing! it's not too expensive either; i'm forever drinking my coke too fast before the meal arrives, so it's really nice to be able to get free refills. i thought i'd also show you my alexander mcqueen bracelet that my boyfriend got me (for my birthday) as i'm a little bit in love with it…

we went to covent garden and it was stupidly quiet, so that was a bonus. we ventured down some of the streets further out and found this shop called 'the loft.' it's full to the brim of designer vintage and most of it is reasonably priced. although i didn't find anything to my taste, i would definitely recommend taking a look in there. the vintage chanel women's suit i saw was absolutely incredible!

just a quick note, blogging might not be as frequent over the next week, as i have a huge uni deadline in a weeks time. so i apologise in advance for that but, i'll try my best!

i can't believe it's the last day of january already.
i move to london next week...

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(images taken by levi thomas)


a while ago i was asked to wear some things from wet store for promotion of their current, and new, products. i can honestly say this hoodie and jumper are the two most comfortable items of clothing i have ever worn. inside they are so soft, it's actually ridiculous; i never want to wash my 'hentai' jumper (but, i will because i'm hygienic, i promise.) i'd really recommend taking a look at their stuff if you like quirky pieces. everything you can see is available to buy online!

today is actually my (20th) birthday, so while you're reading this i'll be on my way to london. i'm going to spend some of my birthday money and hopefully treat myself to some new clothes; because i don't have enough already… i want to try and get to brick lane, and maybe camden, to see if i can get my hands on some vintage pieces. other than that, i'll be hitting oxford street, grabbing some lunch and attempting to get my hands on some sale bargains. i'm going with my mom and boyfriend, so hopefully i'll be able to get some pictures to show you all. fingers crossed the rain stays away.

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