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as part of my new years resolutions, i wanted to add a bit more variation to my blog posts. i'd like to switch up my content just a little and give you guys something a little different to read.

as this month is birthday month and the first month of the year, i thought why end the month by mentioning a few of my recent favourite songs. hopefully there will be something that takes your fancy or something you may already know! enjoy.

i haven't done these in any particular order and all songs are linked to youtube, so give 'em a click!

1. outside - calvin harris & ellie goulding
2. thinking out loud - ed sheeran
3. sheets - shannon saunders
4. metal & dust - london grammar
5. daydream - one night only
6. on top - flume
7. blame - calvin harris & john newman
8. left hand free - alt j
9. odessa - caribou
10. waiting for go - the dykeenies

please let me know if you liked reading this type of post! yesterday was my birthday so i'll be showing you what i got in a new post

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after blogging about some new beauty purchases earlier in the week, my camera decided to die. it wasn't until this point that i realised i've lost my bloody camera charger. i'm rummaging in my room trying to find it, but until then it will unfortunately be iPhone picture quality, unless i can get my hands on 1. my old charger 2. a new charger (or) 3. another camera. 

i'm suuuuuper sorry but hopefully i'll get it sorted asap! 

all the above images are taken from my instagram, so if don't don't follow me, feel free to do so :)

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