not so long ago i got these lovely topshop ankle boots. 

back in january, as a birthday present, my mom got me these amazing floral topshop boots. after wearing them a while, i noticed several faults :( for £75 (the original price) they hadn't lasted anywhere near as long as they should have.

so, after endlessly trying to find the receipt i was unsuccessful, but i knew topshop would exchange them anyway. i went from one store to another, until i found something i liked (where they actually had my size left) and this is the result.

as my other floral boots had gone into sale for £50, that's the value i could exchange for and, luckily, these were on sale for £50 too. bargain, as they had an RRP of £85!

they're super comfy! 

sorry for the ramble... i'd love to know what you think!
hope you've all had a lovely weekend.


charity shop black vest
cow vintage woven belt
ebay levi's 501 shorts (lots of similar here)
h&m boots (spray painted white)

thought i'd keep it simple and comfortable when wearing this outfit. england actually has some sunshine at the moment so i thought i'd try and make the most of it.

my h&m boots were originally the camo print version of these, click the link to see. a girl from my university used them for her graduate fashion week (GFW) show, and she wanted them to be white so i helped her spray paint them. after the show she was trying to get rid of pairs, so i happily took the size 6's off her hands! 

what do you think? 
enjoy your week!

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