bonjour to my new suede jacket of DREAMS, from the kooples. i got it a few weeks back in their private sale after seeing it in the lookbook months ago! i've been eyeing it up ever since but, the hefty price tag didn't entice me in the slightest, hellooooo student (working in part-time retail) budget. after checking the sale rigorously to see what i could get my hands on, i saw this jacket and i couldn't help myself. 

alas, i have less than two weeks left at uni and quite frankly i'm bricking it. BUT, until then, it's head down and work my ass off for the time that i have left as a student. i think after i finish, i may consider writing a post on my experience doing a fashion degree and what i've learned? including the ins and outs of interning too! if this is something you'd be interested just let me know in the comments box below.

thanks guys, have a good week!

Charlotte x
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here is me sincerely apologising for going on a small blogging hiatus. the passed two weeks have been hell-like and i've been pretty much M.I.A everywhere, including my own flat. there's been days i've spending at uni until 4:30 in the morning, so i hope you can understand why i've been a little lapse on the blogging front.

i'm nearing the end of uni, so hopefully my very sporadical posting routine will become a lot more routine and regular.

today's post features a dreamy asos denim haul. you may see me pop up here and there somewhere on asos (not quite sure where yet) but this is me promoting their SS15 denim trend. i was kindly contacted by the brand to see if i wanted to pick some items that i wanted to style for the trend! and, well, here we are. 

hope you all and an awesome weekend!

Charlotte x
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