cos boots*

apologies for the post being a little picture heavy.

i couldn't resist. after seeing these boots in store, i had to have them. i checked online for my size and there were none left, so it was fate that they had my size left in store (obviously.) merry christmas to me. i'll actually be wearing these to a placement interview (at christopher raeburn) on wednesday so, i'm excited and really (really) nervous; wish me luck!

sorry i haven't posted in a week; it's been the last week of my university project before deadline, so as you can imagine it's been a bit of a rush!

what do you think of my new boots?

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(images taken by laura doyle)

h&m coat
cow vintage trousers

another outfit update from a very cold week here in birmingham. the harsh winds are definitely not something i'm loving at the moment! this coat has been worn to death since i got it at the h&m 20% off event. i really wish it was a little thicker so i could wear it all winter long. my top is from a friend of mine who is currently working on her own collection. i'll do more of a detailed post on 'siviter' soon but until then, go and like her facebook page.

i have a full weekend of work ahead of me, (both part-time and university work that is) so feel very lucky is that's not you. i just want to bury myself in my duvet, escape from the (cold) world and drink tea. 

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