i didn't realise how many beauty items i've actually got my hands on recently; not all of them are in this post but, i've picked out some of my faves. 

my 'recent' yves saint laurent purchases were made at the airport on my way back from portugal. i couldn't resist a cheeky duty free bargain as i've wanted both of these products for a while. this is, hands down, THE best eyeliner i've ever used; application is absolutely dreamy. there's definitely something about being on holiday that makes me feel slightly less guilty when i spend money! whilst in portugal i also managed to get my hands on this la roche-posay micellar solution, all thanks to a local pharmacy. as it was reasonably priced, i thought i'd give it a go and see how it compares to the good old bioderma

one of my favourite purchases recently have been topshop lipsticks. they're currently on offer (two for £12) and although only one of them is in this post, they're an absolute bargain. the two shades i bought were 'falling fast' and 'whimsical' (the latter being heavily recommended by llymlrs.) 

aussie miracle hair insurance is exactly what it says on the label - 'miracle hair insurance.' after spending a week in the sun my hair felt really dry (mainly because i'm an idiot and forgot to take conditioner with me) so, when i came back to see boots haircare was on 3 for 2, this was one of the first products i picked up. not only does it leave your hair feeling nourished, it smells incredible too. 

speaking of hair, this catwalk by tigi salt spray, courtesy of the lovely people over at asos, is another absolute hair-dream. perfect for styling when you're off out or for giving your hair that extra bit of volume and texture. 

so there you have it; a few of my recent purchases and additions to my beauty stash. 

please let me know if you enjoy this type of (new in) post, as i may start to feature them more regularly on my blog. 

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this alexander wang dress is one of my most loved possessions (clothing wise.) it's the perfect item to dress up or down as you please and with autumn just arriving, you can also mix it up with thick wooly tights, jeans or even trousers. i clearly dressed it down with my lack-of-effort hairstyle... i chose to wear it over my bikini whilst in portugal as its super easy to throw on and off, a must when you're going back and forth from your sun lounger!

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